Hello! My name is Jenny. I’m a high school student from California. I’ve been reading since I could talk. I wanted to make the most out of it every time I finish a book. I started a book jar in 2014 where I rated and wrote small summaries of the books I read in the year. Now I also have a book blog and a bookstagram (@thereadingathlete)!

I’ll explain the “athlete” part of my username. I really enjoy playing sports. I run cross country. A lot of people hate running, but it’s my sport. I always try in my PE class. Running and reading are two of my most favorite ways to unplug and I find pleasure in them.

I started this blog in March 2016. I originally wanted to start it in January so I can celebrate it every New Years, but I came upon a post why I shouldn’t start a blog and I didn’t want to put effort into something that I think wouldn’t succeed. Since I’m a student, I’ll be taking advanced classes soon and didn’t want my blog to interfere with my grades.

If you love young adult books, you’ll feel right at home here! The majority of my blog will be book reviews. I’ll also have lifestyle posts and occasional updates.



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