New Blogger!

Hey everyone! My name is Jenny.  I’m a new blogger and I’ll be mainly reviewing books on this blog. I had a great idea last night to brainstorm activities for each book I read such as a challenge or a quiz. Additionally, I’ll have updates about my life and things that’ll be interesting. I might even give advice and tips. 

My goal for 2016 is to read 116 books. What’s yours? I have a book jar and this blog to keep track of how many I read. My goal for this blog is to have an audience that I can interact with. I’ve had multiple Instagram accounts that have more than 1k followers, but the followers were inactive and no one talked to me. My bookstagram is @thereadingathlete. I’d like to be well-known in this book community where book lovers unite.



2 thoughts on “New Blogger!

  1. I am a new blogger as well! I know you make your blog during March, but it seems as if we are both new to this right? At least I am, that’s for sure. I discovered you on Instagram and I love your pictures. They’re very simple, yet cute. Can’t wait to see how your blog grows! Best of luck!


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