Book Review: How to Rock Braces and Glasses

How to Rock Braces and Glasses (How to Rock #1) by Meg Haston

7766020Pages: 324
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Rating: 4/5 stars

Synopsis: In the story, an eighth-grade Queen Bee, after finding herself dropped into Loserland, realizes that it’s time to reap the bad karma she’s sown.
Gorgeous, uber-harsh, and uber-stylish, Kacey Simon is the undisputed social dictator of Marquette Middle School. That is, until an eye infection and a visit to the dentist leave her with coke-bottle glasses, a mouth full of metal, and… a littttthsp! Dissed and dismissed by her popular friends, Kacey is forced to hang out with a boy who wears skinny jeans and jams in his own band. But as she adjusts to life as a loser, she’s surprised to find that Skinny Jeans is kind of hot and his band is pretty cool. Suddenly, hitting rock-bottom feels oddly uplifting. Could rocking braces and glasses be the best thing to ever happen to her?

In this hilarious reversal of the cool crowd versus the nerd herd, a popular girl finds herself in Loserville and realizes it’s about time she paid back all the bad karma she built up as Queen Bee.


This was surprisingly a good read for being middle grade. I think anyone would enjoy it. I have braces and glasses so that’s primarily the reason I read this book.

Kacey got so upset about getting glasses and braces. They’re not that nerdy or geeky. They might be a tiny inconvenience every now and then, but there isn’t much pain.

I didn’t give it full stars because the Kacy’s attitude and her mean girl self didn’t appeal to me.


In reality, I don’t think anyone would sink to the bottom of the social ladder. Braces and glasses didn’t change anything about my social standing. My friends were still mine and I didn’t even have a lisp.

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