Book Review: Con Academy – Joe Schreiber

22749775Con Academy by Joe Schreiber

Pages: 236
Genre: Mystery
Rating: 5/5

Synopsis: Meet Will Shea, a con artist who has bluffed his way into one of the nation’s most exclusive private schools. But Will isn’t the only scammer at Connaughton Academy—Andrea Dufresne is there too, and the ivy-covered campus isn’t big enough for the both of them.

So they make a bet—and the winner gets more than just a high school diploma. In this twisty tale of secrets, lies, and deception—it’s hard to figure out who’s double-crossing who. May the best con win!


”Mystery” wouldn’t be the perfect word for the genre, but it is mysterious, nonetheless. The book tricks you and you’ll want to know what happens next.

This is the first book I finished in 2017. I thought it was a nice change from all the contemporary and romance I’ve been reading. It’s a unique book in young adult fiction.

The book is thin, but the story is complete and makes sense within those number of pages. I would recommend this book for it’s uniqueness and thinness.

Con Academy reminds me of my favorite movie: Now You See Me. All of the characters are trying to manipulate people even if they’re using different techniques. In Now You See Me, they use magic, or illusions. I recommend you watch this movie. Dave Franco is in it!

Image result for now you see me dave franco

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